16. May 2018.


The priority in our company is the modernization of production and implementation of the latest knowledge and technologies in the design, development and production of new products. Over the years, we have established cooperation with leading Italian manufacturers of machines and yarns, necessary for the production of the most modern and demanding items.

Production technology

The characteristics of the yarn determine the quality of the finished product in huge measure. The fiber has several characteristics that are declared in terms of quality, price and the possibilities it provides. These are elasticity, volume, transparency and softness. Elastic fibers, which are used for the production of socks for women and men, are popularly called “lycra”, can be used as special (naked lycra) or wrapped one or two times with polyamide fibers. The number of turns per meter, for standard yarns is 2400, while for high quality yarns, up to 3000.

Knitting machines combine yarns of different thicknesses and types, interlaced elastic threads in the belt, forming reinforced areas and complex patterns, all controlled electronically. To produce a unihop, it takes about 2 minutes, which is half the size of one socks. By knitting the socks, the tubes are cut and then merged into two so that we get a classic unihop. This stage can be carried out automatically, machines that cut and sneak two socks, close their fingers, and when necessary insert both cotton and polyamide inserts in size, or manually, performed by professionals.

Dried socks are then painted in special machines with the addition of appropriate means and at the appropriate temperature. After that, drying, ironing and eventually packing. Packing, in addition to having a protective role, provides the customer with the necessary information about the product itself.


VUNIL laboratory

All our products are manufactured from the best materials. The raw material base is made up of the finest yarns imported from Italy, which are the starting point for any quality socks.


Our company tends to become an inseparable companion of modern civilization. In order to achieve this, we adopt and monitor international standards of quality production, sales etc.


By following the world trends and fashion requirements, our production program is constantly changing and expanding in line with current developments in this field.


Production takes place on the most modern machines of the renowned Italian manufacturer “LONATI”.

The company’s strategy is constant investment in the development and modernization of production facilities with the aim of producing high quality products, which primarily provide comfortable and pleasant feeling, warm and healthy protection, sports and recreational inspiration, all with modern design and elegance.